Languages: Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Polish, Greek, Turkish, Baltic languages, Central /Eastern European languages, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese. 

Areas of major experience: mechanical, steel and metalwork, automation, building, contracts, legal, international tenders, 

Over the past ten years we have built up a network of over 100 professional translators to manage large size projects against as well as quality control procedures that are now well established.

We have sufficient resources to cover peak production periods, and if required to carry out your work particularly quickly, we can easily deploy extra translators while maintaining the same level of quality.

All our staff and sub contractors have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect our clients information.

Interfax can satisfy your needs in managing long-term projects. For those clients who want to establish a “on call” service with Interfax we guarantee attractive rates based on yearly contracts.

We offer our clients the security of quality translation work customising each task to satisfy the economic demands and expectations of our clients.


INTERFAX Traduzioni

Via Aquileia 11/2 - 33100 - Udine

Tel. +39 0432 511 234 - Fax +39 0432 1840 343

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